Admissions (Special Wing)

The School tries to provide an environment that gives emotional security to the children to develop their physical, mental and social potential to the maximum. The policy of the school is not to push the children too hard or overburden them. We integrate the handicapped children with normal children and help them to develop a sense of self-reliance. The teachers are sent regularly to attend seminars, workshops etc. to keep themselves abreast with the latest developments and techniques in the field of education.

Hearing Impaired Children: A child at the age of 4+ is admitted. At junior level emphasis is laid on speech & language development which paves the way for his/her integration with normal peers. CBSE curriculum is followed upto class VIII. Open schooling, which has semester, is being adopted at secondary and senior secondary level. All children get an opportunity to be integrated.

Mentally Challenged Children: Admissions are granted at the age of 4+ in nursery class. Academic emphasis is laid on self-help skills. CBSE curriculum is being followed with modifications to suit the special needs of mentally subnormal children. After class VIII the children are screened. Selected children pursue secondary and senior secondary level education through open schooling system. Vocational Training is provided in printing press, handlooms, paper recycling, paper conversion, candle making, envelop making, stitching and home management etc.