School Faculty

BMVB has a combined strength of 200 teachers at the senior and junior level. They have been very carefully selected out of the best available talent. Thus, the teachers here are competent and capable of reducing knowledge to that simple compound of the obvious and the wonderful which slips into the infantile comprehension. Teachers at the senior school evolve academic environment wherein they develop competence and update their knowledge in innovative teaching methodology for their respective subjects.

Affiliation Num. PRT TGT PGT Vice Principal Principal
2730285 66 (including 23 NTT’s) 13 11 01 01
       NAME           DESIGNATION                QUALIFICATION
Gp.Capt.(Retd) S.C.Bahri Director-cum-Manager M.A. (English), M.Ed.
Mrs. Deepa Misra Offtg. Principal M.A. (Philosophy & English), B.Ed.
Mrs. Geeta Mallick Admin. Officer, P.G.T B.Sc.(H.Sc.), MSW(Me.l & Psy. )
Ms Swastika Banerjee P.G.T.(Biology) M.Sc. (Genetics) B.Ed.
Ms Debjani Ray P.G.T.(Economics) M.Sc. (Economics) B.Ed
Ms Aradhana Goel P.G.T.(Physics) M.Sc. (Physics),B.Ed.
Ms.Vanita Khanna P.G.T.(Chemistry) M.Sc.(Chemistry), B.Ed
Ms. Seena Roy P.G.T.(Maths) M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed.
Ms.Saranga Lal P.G.T.(Commerce) M.Com, B.Ed.
Ms Swati Ahmed P.G.T.(Policial Science) M.A.(Political Science),B.Ed.
Ms. Gopa Mukherjee P.G.T.(History) M.A. (History),B.Ed.
Ms.Khushbu Srivastava P.G.T(Hindi) M.A. (Hindi),B.Ed.
Ms Sunita Sangwan P.G.T(Computer Sc.) M.C.A., B.Com, DNIIT
Ms Vimal Babbar P.G.T(English) M.A.(English),B.Ed.
Ms Sulakshana Sharma T.G.T.(Hindi) M.A. (Hindi & Economics), B.Ed.
Ms Reena Khurana T.G.T.(S.Sc) I/C (Pre-Primary) B.A.,B.Ed.
Ms.Rashmee Srivastava T.G.T.(Science) I/C (Primary) M.Sc.(Botony),M.Ed.,PG Dip. in Mgmt. and PR
Mr. Somvir Chaudhary T.G.T(Maths) B.Sc.(Hons) M.Ed.
Ms Priyanka Chuttani T.G.T.(Social Science) M.A.(Pol.Sc.).B.Ed.
Mr Pardeep K Chauhan T.G.T.(Maths) M.Sc.(Maths),B.Ed.
Ms Susmita Deb T.G.T M.A.(English), B.Ed.(SE),Deg. in Kathak & Sitar,
Ms Sangeeta Chawla Asstt. Teacher B.A., B.Ed.
Ms.Ruma Sen Asstt. Teacher B.Sc.(Botony), B.Ed. M.A.Russian
Ms.Sunita Bhambani Asstt. Teacher M.A.(Hindi),B.Ed.
Ms Roopa Wadhawan Asstt. Teacher B.A.,B.Ed.
Ms Seema Verma Asstt. Teacher M.Sc.(Org.Chem.)B.Ed.
Mr.Joginder Singh Asstt. Teacher(PET) B,P.E., M.P.Ed.
Ms Monica P.Budhiraja Asstt. Teacher M.A.(English), B.Ed.
Ms Ashima Chauhan Asstt. Teacher M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed.
Ms Sushila Kaura Asstt.Teacher B.A.(Hons), M.A., B.Ed.
Ms Sunita Sangwan Computer Teacher M.C.A., B.Com, DNIIT
Ms Seema Lall Asstt. Teacher M.Com, B.Ed., (HDSE), Diploma in Computers
Ms Asha Sharma Computer Teacher M.C.A., M.Phil(Computer Science)
Ms Jyoti Jassi Computer Teacher B.Sc.(Computer Science),M.C.A.
Ms Harpreet Kaur Asstt. Teacher M.Com B.Ed., M.Ed.
Mr Vijay Kumar P.E.T. B.A, B.P.Ed.
Ms Deepti Gulati Asstt. Teacher M.A.(Geography), B.Ed.
Ms. Moitrayee Chakarborty Asstt. Teacher M.A. (English) B.Ed.
Ms Shashi Juneja Asstt. Teacher(Primary) M.A. Eco.,B.Ed.
Ms Poonam Tagra Asstt. Teacher(Primary) B.Com., B.Ed.
Ms Neelam Shourie Asstt. Teacher (Primary) M.A.(Child Develop.) B.Ed.(SE)
Ms Aarti Yadav Asstt. Teacher(PET) B.A.,B.E.,B.P.Ed.
Ms Seema Rani Asstt. Teacher(Primary) M.A.(English),B.Ed.
Ms Jyoti Gupta Asstt. Teacher(Primary) B.Sc.,B.Ed.
Ms Shikha Mahajan Asstt. Teacher(Primary) M.A.(Eng.),B.Ed. PGDEPM
Ms Garima Gupta Asstt. Teacher(Primary) M.Sc.(Chemistry) B.Ed
Ms Sumita Chawla Asstt. Teacher(Primary) B.Com.,B.Ed.,NTT
Ms Pratibha Sharma Asstt. Teacher(Primary) M.A.(Eng.),B.Ed.,I.G.D.E., Bombay Art
Ms Deepti Katar Asstt. Teacher(Primary) M.Com., B.Ed.
Ms Nidhi Garg Asstt. Teacher(Primary) M.Com.,B.Ed.M.B.A.
Ms Bimlesh Asstt. Teacher(Primary) M.A.(Hindi),B.Ed.
Ms Seema Sabharwal Asstt. Teacher(Primary) B.A.,B.Ed.
Ms Vibhuti Sharma Asstt. Teacher(Primary) M.A.(Eng.), B.EI.Ed.
Ms Sonal Rastogi Asstt. Teacher(Music) M.A.(Vocal).,Sangeet Shiromani, NET
Ms Shelly Gandhi Asstt. Teacher(Primary) B.Sc. B.Ed. M.A.(Maths)
Ms Anubha Arora Asstt. Teacher(Primary) M.Sc.(Computer Science)
Ms Sandhya Asstt. Teacher(Primary) M.Sc.(Zoology),B.Ed.
Ms Shilpi Bajpai Asstt. Teacher(Primary) M.A.(Sanskrit),B.Ed., M.A. (Hindi)
Ms Rishika Gupta Asstt. Teacher(Primary) M.Sc.(Envt&Ecology),NET.,B.Ed., PGDCA
Ms Shashi Shoree T.G.T. B.A.,B.Ed.Cert.Course in MR
Ms Vineeta Gupta Dance Teacher M.A.(Pol.Sc.),5 year Dip. In Folk Dance
Ms Urmila Chadda Art & Craft Teacher B.A. 4 year Dip in Art & Crafts, JBT
Ms Shilpa Paul Asstt. Teacher(Primary) B.A.(Hons) Eng.,B.Ed.
Ms Sharmishtha Music Teacher Senior Sec, Diploma (Hindustani Classical Music)
Ms Neha Vaid Asstt. Teacher (Primary) B.A.(Hons) Eng.,B.Ed.MBA , DOEACC’A’ LEVEL
Ms Suminder Asstt. Teacher (Primary) Ph.D (Biotech)
Mr. Mohd. Nazir Saifi Taekwondo Coach B.A.(H) Pol.Sc, Black Belt in Taekwondo, B.P.Ed.
Ms. Rita Das Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.Com, NTT
Ms Divya Arora Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.A.(Hons), N.P.T.T.
Ms Garima Tuteja Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.A., N.T.T.
Ms Pooja Gulati Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.Com., N.T.T.
Ms Bina Chhabra Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.A., N.T.T.
Ms Nisha Kwatra Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.Com, N.T.T.
Ms Bhawna Dhingra Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.Com, N.T.T.
Ms Bhavpriya Pawar Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.Com, N.T.T.
Ms Kavita Malik Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.Com(P), N.T.T.
Ms Pooja Rawat Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.Com, N.T.T.
Ms Deepa Gupta Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.A(P), N.T.T.
Ms Ranjana Pandey Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.A, N.T.T.
Ms Gayatri Sharma Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) Sr.Sec.N.T.T.
Ms Ritu Dhara Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.A.Hons (Eng) N.T.T.
Ms Neha Shyam Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.Com.(P),N.T.T.
Ms Saroj Rani Library Attendant Sr.Sec.N.T.T.
Ms Kunjan Sharma Asstt.Teacher(Pre Primary) B.A.B.Ed.,
Ms Priyanka Khurana Asstt.Teacher(Pre.Primary) B.Sc.(H.Sc.), NPTT
Ms Preeti Arora Asstt.Teacher(Pre.Primary) B.Com, NPTT
Ms Sunita Garg Asstt.Teacher(Pre.Primary) B.Com, N.T.T.
Ms.Kulbir Kaur Asstt.Teacher(Pre.Primary) Sr.Sec, N.T.T.
Ms Chandrani Basu Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) M.A.(H.R.M.),M.A.(IRZPM)
Ms Indrani Dam Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B A (Geography) Hons., NTT
Ms Kalpana Bhowal Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.lib
Ms Shikha Rajora Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) NTT, Senior Secondary
Ms Arpita Chakarborty Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) NTT, B.A(Hons)
Ms Shruti Mishra Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.Sc., B.Ed.
Ms Savita Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) M.A.(Sanskrit), B.Ed.
Ms Achamma Abraham Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.Sc., B.Ed., PGDCA
Ms Mahima Parashar Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.Sc., B.Ed,
Ms Sumana Sarkar Asstt. Teacher(Pre Primary) B.A., ECCE
Ms Gayatri Chabbra Computer Teacher B.Com, MCA
Mr Amit Kumar Sports Teacher B.Sc.(Physical Ed.) B.Ped., M.P.Ed
Mr Sachin Gaind Music Teacher B.A., Sangeet Visharad
Mr Karambeer Singh Art & Craft Teacher BFA, Art & Craft Diploma



Ms Chanchal Malhotra T.G.T I/C Special Section M.Com, B.Ed., PG Diploma in MH
Ms Bhuvneshwari Sharma T.G.T B.A.,ITI Training, CTI,I.G.D.Bombay Art
Ms Sunita Rastogi T.G.T M.A.(Pol.Sc.), Cert. Teacher For The Deaf
Ms Anita Sharma T.G.T B.A., B.Ed.(Spl.Edu.)Diploma in Yoga,B(Music)
Ms Uneda Nickhat T.G.T M.A.(Urdu),B.Ed., Spl.Edu.
Ms Sumitra Mahawar T.G.T B.A.,Diploma in MR
Ms Usha Sethi Occupational Therapist Dip. in Occu. Therapy MS in-Psy. Counseling
Ms Ghosia Asstt. Teacher B.A., B.Ed.(Spl.Edu.)
Ms Anju Bala Khurana T.G.T B.A., B.Ed.(Spl.Edu.)
Ms. Pooja Seth T.G.T B.A., B.Ed.(Gen),B.Ed.(Spl.Edu.)
Mr Ravi Mathur T.G.T B.A., B.Ed.(SE)
Ms Manu Bharadwaj T.G.T M.A.(Eco.), B.Ed.(H.I.)
Ms Ranjana Malhotra Librarian M.A.(His.), B.Lib.,N.D.D.Y.
Ms Ashlekha Gupta Asstt.Teacher M.A.(Eng),B.Ed.(HI),Diploma in MR
Ms Meenakshi Chopra Asstt.Teacher B.Sc.(Occu.), B.Ed.(SE)
Mr Jitendra Prasad Asstt.Teacher M.A.(Hindi),B.Sc., M.Ed(H.I.)DCO
Mr Prasant Kumar Sahoo Asstt.Teacher M.A.(Pub. Admn.),B.Ed.(Spl.Ed.)
Ms Jyoti Panwar Asstt.Teacher M.Ed.(SE), B.A, DTP
Ms Sunita Kulshrestha T.G.T M.A.(Hindi).,B.Ed.(SE)
Ms.Jyoti Lata Kujur Asstt. Teacher(Primary) B.Com., B.Ed.(SE)
Ms Manisha Banerjee Music Teacher B.A.Visharad Dipl.(Mus.), Shiromani(Mus.)
Ms Pushpa Pant Asstt.Teacher B.A.,B.Ed.(SE), Spl.Ed.(MR)
Ms Sushma Richard Asstt.Teacher B.A., Spl.Ed., Dress Designing
Ms Aarti Saluja Asstt.Teacher B.A., B.Ed.(SE) Dip. In Spl. Ed.(MR)
Ms Kavita Verma Asstt.Teacher B.Com.,B.Ed.(SE)
Ms Biplabi D Choudhury Asstt.Teacher B.A.(Hons),B.Ed. (Spl.Ed)
Ms Mala Arjun Godiya Vocational Instructor B.Com, B.Ed(SE) (SEDE)
Ms.Priya Rathore Asstt.Teacher B.A. (Hons), Dipl. in Deaf, B.Ed(Spl Ed.)
Ms. Anita Chibbar Asstt.Teacher B.A., Dip. in  MR
Ms  Vasvi Verma Meena Computer Teacher B.A. (Hons), Dip. inDTP
Ms Ratan Prabha Asstt. Teacher B.Sc(H. Sc.), B.Ed (SE)
Ms Seema Mahendru Asstt. Teacher MA(Education), B.Ed(SE),HI
Ms Meenu Sharda Asstt. Teacher B.A., Computer Web Designing
Ms Ruchika Arora Asstt. Teacher BA, B.Ed.(SE MR) DSE(MR)
Ms Sarika Singh Asstt. Teacher B.Com, B.Ed (MR), DSE(MR)
Ms. Sunita Kulshrestha Special Educator MA(Hindi), B.Ed.(SE)
Ms. Archana Bhati Special Educator MA (History), NPTT, DEDSE(MR), Dip in Comp.
Ms Manjeet Kaur Asstt. Teacher B. A., Dip. In Beauty Cult. And Hair Dressing
Ms. Upasana Verma Speech Therapist B.Sc (Speech & Hearing)
Ms. Sonali Sharma Asst.Teacher MA(Eng), BA(Comm. Eng.), B.Ed(HI)
Ms. Sunita Singh Beauty Culture Trainer Senior Secondary
Mr Rakesh Kumar Special Educator M.Ed(SE), Ded.(ASD),DSE (MR),BA(Psy)
Ms Preeti Gautam Special Educator BCA, B.Ed(SE), Dip. In Spl Ed (Autism, MR)
Ms Arti Shukla Special Educator M.A.(Eng) M.Ed(HI)
Ms Neha Ahuja Special Educator Senior Secondary, Diploma HI
Ms. Geetanjali Special Educator B.A.(Pass), Dip. In Sp. Ed(MR)
Ms Rinku Sood Special Educator M.Sc. Chmistry, B.Ed. Special Education
Ms. Sunita Kulshrestha TGT M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed.(SE)
Ms. Siddhi Tiwari Helper BA
Mr Dalim Begh Printing Press Instructor High School
Mr Tahajjat Hussain Vocational Instructor Middle School
Mr. Moolchand Weaver Middle School