School Faculty

BMVB has a combined strength of 108 teachers at the senior and junior level. They have been very carefully selected out of the best available talent. Thus, the teachers here are competent and capable of reducing knowledge to that simple compound of the obvious and the wonderful which slips into the infantile comprehension. Teachers at the senior school evolve academic environment wherein they develop competence and update their knowledge in innovative teaching methodology for their respective subjects.

Affiliation Num.PRIMARY &  PRI-PRIMARYTGTPETPGTSpecial EducatorVice PrincipalPrincipal
2730285Primary 25 (including 08 Pri-Primary)220512360101



       NAME          DESIGNATION               QUALIFICATION
Gp.Capt.(Retd) S.C.BahriDirector-cum-ManagerM.A. (English), M.Ed.
Mrs. Geeta MallickConsultant – IE & Admn.B.Sc.(H.Sc.) MSW (Med. & Psy. )
Mrs. Vandana BaberwalPrincipalM.A.(English). B.Ed
Mrs. Swastika BanerjeeVice PrincipalM.Sc. (Genetics) B.Ed.
                                                    GENERAL  WING 
Ms. Seena RoyP.G.T.(Maths) – Co-ordinator – Sr Sec.M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed.
Ms. Aradhana GoelP.G.T.(Physics)M.Sc. (Physics),B.Ed.
Ms. Swati AhmedP.G.T.(Political Science)BA(H) Pol.Sc.,M.A.(Pol. Sc.),B.Ed.
Ms. Khushabu SrivastavaP.G.T(Hindi)M.A. (Hindi),B.Ed.
Ms. Vimal BabbarP.G.T (Eng.)M.A.(English), B.Ed., CTET
Ms. Nidhi SinghP.G.T (History)MA(History), B.Ed
Mr. Joginder SinghP.G.T (PET)B,P.E., M.P.Ed.
Ms. Nidhi GargP.G.T (History)M.A.(History.),M.Com.,B.Ed.,
Mr. Abhishek ThakurP.G.T (Economics)MA(Eco), B.Ed
Ms. Komal MahurP.G.T. (Chemistry)M.Sc. Applied Chemistry, B.Ed, CTET – Paper I & II
Mr.  ShubhamP.G.T (Computer Sc.)MCA
Mr. Kishan P.G.T (Commerce)M.Com, B.Ed
Mr. Somvir ChaudharyT.G.T (Maths)B.Sc.(Hons), M.Ed.
Ms. Ranjana MishraT.G.T (Maths)M.Sc.(Maths), B.Ed., CTET
Ms. Priyanka ChuttaniT.G.T.(Social Science)M.A.(Pol.Sc.).B.Ed., CTET
Mr. Pardeep K ChauhanT.G.T.(Maths)M.Sc.(Maths),B.Ed., CTET
Ms. Sangeeta ChawlaT.G.T.(S.St.)M.A.(Geography), B.Ed.
Ms. Seema VermaT.G.T.(Science)M.Sc.(Org.Chem.)B.Ed.,CTET(II paper)
Ms. Sunita BhambaniT.G.T.(Hindi)  I/C Middle WingM.A.(Hindi),B.Ed.,CTET
Ms. Ruma SenT.G.T.(Science)M.Sc.(Bio-tech), B.Ed. M.A.(Russian), CTET
Ms. Ashima ChauhanT.G.T. (Hindi)M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed.,CTET
Ms. Sushila KalraT.G.T. (Hindi)M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed, CTET

Dip. in Bhasha Vigyan

Ms. Asha SharmaT.G.T. (Computer Sc.)M.C.A., M.Phil(Computer Science)
Ms. JyotiT.G.T. (Computer Sc.)B.Sc.(Computer Science),M.C.A.
Mr. Vijay KumarT.G.T. (P.E.T.)B.A, B.P.Ed.
Ms. Ankita ThagelaT.G.T. (English)BA(H) Eng.,M.A.(Eng.), B.Ed, CTET (Paper-II)
Ms. Ranjana MalhotraT.G.T. (Librarian)M.Lib., M.A.(History), N.D.D.Y.
Ms. Seema LallT.G.T. (English)M.A.(Eng.),M.Com, B.Ed.,  CTET (I & II paper), Dip. in Computers (HDSE)
Ms. Harpreet KaurT.G.T. (Maths)M.Com, B.Ed., M.Ed.
Ms. Sonal RastogiT.G.T. (Music)M.A.(Vocal), Sangeet Shiromani, NET
Ms. Shelly GandhiT.G.T. (Maths)B.Sc. B.Ed. M.A.(Maths), CTET(I & II)
Ms. Vibhuti SharmaT.G.T. (English)M.A.(Eng.), B.EI.Ed., CTET
Ms. Shilpi BajpaiT.G.T. (Sanskrit)M.A.(Sanskrit),B.Ed., M.A. (Hindi), CTET
Ms. Ankita SharmaT.G.T.(S.St.)M.A., B.Ed., CTET,PG Dip. in GIS & Remote sensing
Ms. Garima GuptaT.G.T.(Science)M.Sc.(Chemistry) B.Ed, CTET
Ms. Kamini ChauhanAsst. Teacher – PrimaryB.Sc.(Physical Science), B.Ed, CTET (Paper-II)
Ms. Rishika GuptaAsst. Teacher – PrimaryM.Sc.(Envt & Ecology), NET.,B.Ed., PGDCA,CTET
Ms. Jyoti JollyAsst. Teacher – PrimaryB.A., NTT, B.Ed, CTET
Ms. Ruchika BhutaniAsst. Teacher – PrimaryB.Sc.,M.A.(Education), B.Ed., CTET(I)
Ms. Neera ShuklaAsst. Teacher – PrimaryM.A.( Eng.), B.Ed, CTET
Mr. Tanoy Raj BhattacharyaAsst. Teacher – PrimaryB.Sc.(H) Maths, B.Ed, CTET
Ms. Poonam TagraAsst. Teacher – PrimaryB.Com., B.Ed., CTET
Ms. Seema Rani AroraAsst. Teacher – PrimaryB.A.(English),B.Ed.
Ms. Jyoti GuptaAsst. Teacher – PrimaryB.Sc.,B.Ed., CTET
Ms. Shikha MahajanAsst. Teacher – PrimaryM.A.(Eng.),B.Ed. PGDEPM, CTET
Ms. Seema SabharwalAsst. Teacher – PrimaryB.A.,B.Ed.
Ms. Shilpa PaulAsst. Teacher – PrimaryM.A.(Eng).,B.Ed., CTET
Ms. Anupam SinghAsst. Teacher – PrimaryM.A.(Hindi), B.Ed., CTET
Ms. Anubha AroraComputer TeacherM.Sc.(Computer Science), B.Ed
Ms. Shilpi AryaAsst. Teacher – PrimaryB.A., B.Ed, N.T.T., CTET
Ms. Bhavpriya PawarAsst. Teacher – PrimaryB.Com, N.P.T.T.,B.Ed.,CTET
Ms. Neha RoyAsst. Teacher – PrimaryB.Com.(P),N.T.T.,CTET, B.Ed
Ms. Pooja RawatAsst. Teacher – PrimaryM.A.(Hindi), B.Com, N.T.T., CTET
Ms. Gayatri SharmaAsst. Teacher – Pre-PrimaryB.A.,N.T.T., CTET
Ms. Shikha AggarwalAsst. Teacher – PrimaryMA(Pol.Sc.), B.A.(Prog.), E.T.E.(DIET), CTET
Ms. UrmilaArt & Craft TeacheB.A. 3 year Dip in Art & Crafts,  D.Bharatnatyam, M.A.(Fine Arts)-Painting
Ms. Vineeta GuptaDance TeacherM.A.(Pol.Sc.),5 year Dip. In Folk Dance Degree in Manipuri dance
Mr. Mohd. Nazir SaifiTaekwondo CoachB.A.(H)P.Sc,Black Belt-Taekwondo, B.P.Ed
Mr. Rajender Singh MehtaPhysical Education TeacherB.Com., B.P.Ed
Mr. Karan ManchaliyaPhysical Education TeacherB.P. Ed
Ms. Pooja GulatiAsst. Teacher – I/C Pre-PrimaryB. Com., N.T.T., CTET
Ms. Divya AroraAsst. Teacher – Pre-PrimaryB.A.(Hons), N.P.T.T.
Ms. Garima TutejaAsst. Teacher – Pre-PrimaryB.A., N.T.T.
Ms. Bina ChhabraAsst. Teacher – Pre-PrimaryB.A., N.T.T.
Ms. Bhavna DhingraAsst. Teacher – Pre-PrimaryB.Com, N.T.T.,B.Ed
Ms. Kavita MalikAsst. Teacher – Pre-PrimaryB.Com(P), N.T.T.
Ms. Deepa SinghAsst. Teacher – Pre-PrimaryB.A(P), N.T.T., B.Ed
Ms. Ranjana GuptaAsst. Teacher – Pre-PrimaryM.A, N.P.T.T., B.Ed
Ms. Saroj RaniHelper (Lib)Sr.Sec., N.T.T.
Dr. Joginder Paul SinghDoctor/Medical Officer – as consultantB.U.M.S.-Delhi University
Ms. Mehak TukralSchool CounsellorM.A


Ms. Sunita KulshresthaT.G.T. –M.A.(Hindi), Dip. in HI, B.Ed.(SE),
Ms. Pooja SethT.G.T.M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed.(Gen), B.Ed.(Spl.Edu.)
Ms. Sumitra MahawarT.G.T.B.A., B.Ed.(Spl.Edu.),Dip. in MR
Ms. Anju Bala KhuranaT.G.T.B.A., B.Ed.(Spl.Edu.), Dip. in HI
Ms. Manu BharadwajT.G.T.M.A.(Eco.), B.Ed.(H.I.)
Ms. Ashlekha GuptaT.G.T.    – I/C SNM.A.(Eng),B.Ed.(HI),Dip. in MR
Mr. Jitendra PrasadT.G.T.   –  I/C HIM.A.(Hindi),B.Sc.(H) Chem., M.Ed(H.I.)DCO,CTET
Ms. GhosiaT.G.T.B.A., B.Ed.(H.I.), Diploma in MR
Ms. Aarti SalujaT.G.T.M.A(Hindi), B.Ed.(SE)-MR, Dip. In Spl. Ed.(MR)
Ms. KavitaT.G.T.B.Com.,B.Ed.(HI),Diploma in H.I, M.A(Eco.), CTET
Ms. Pushpa PantT.G.T.B.A.,B.Ed.(SE), Spl.Ed.(MR)
Ms. Seema MahendruT.G.T.MA(Education), B.Ed(SE),HI, PGPDSE(MR)
Ms. Sushma RichardAsstt.Teacher-Spl. EducatorB.A., Spl.Ed., B.Ed., Dress Designing
Ms. Biplabi Dhar ChoudhuryAsstt.Teacher-Spl.EducatorM.A.(Hindi),B.Ed. (Spl.Ed)-MR, Diploma in (MR)
Ms. Priya RathoreAsstt.Teacher-Spl.EducatorM.A. (Hindi), Dipl. in Deaf, B.Ed(Spl Ed.), CTET
Ms. Anita ChhibberAsstt.Teacher-Spl.EducatorB.A., Dip. in  MR, B.Ed.(SE-DE)
Ms. Ratan Prabha TiwariAsstt. Teacher-Spl.EducatorB.Sc(H. Sc.), B.Ed (Spl. Edu(MR) & Gen)
Ms.  Vasvi Verma MeenaSpecial Educator (Computers)B.A. (Hons), B.Ed(Spl.Edu), Dip. In DTP
Ms. Arti SinghAsstt. Teacher-Spl.EducatorM.A.(Eng) M.Ed(HI),CTET
Ms. Neha AhujaAsstt.Teacher-Spl.EducatorB.A.(P), Diploma HI
Ms. Rinku SoodT.G.T.M.Sc.(Chemistry), B.Ed.(Spl.Ed.), CTET
Ms. Pallavi KapoorAsstt. Teacher-Spl. EducatorB.Sc.(Home Sc.), B.Ed.(Spl.Ed.)-H.I.
Ms. Sadhana Roy ChowdhuryAsstt. Teacher-Spl. EducatorM.A., B.Ed.(HI), CBR Dip.
Ms. Mridulanjali BhardwajAsstt. Teacher-Spl. EducatorB.Com.,D.Ed. ASD,BSW,ACCIE
Ms. Shaikh Aqsa SalimuddinAsstt. Teacher-Spl. EducatorB.A.(H), English, B.Ed.(Spl.) Edu., CTET
Mr. Dinesh KumarAsstt. Teacher-Spl. EducatorB.Com, B.Ed.(Special), CTET
Ms. RekhaArt & Craft TeacherM.F.A(Sculpture)
Ms. Prachi KumariComputer Teacher (Spl. Educator)B.Sc., M.C.A., Dip. (ASD), CTET, B.Ed.(Spl.) in MR
Ms. Lovely BhandariDance TeacherBBA, BA in Kathak
Ms. Alka ChauhanSpeech TherapistB.Sc., B.Ed., DHLS, CTET
Ms. Archana BhatiAsstt.Teacher – Spl. EducatorM.A.(Histroy) , D.Ed.SE-MR, B.Ed.(MR),CTET-Paper I
Ms. Pooja BirlaAsstt. Teacher – Spl. EducatorB.A.(P), B.Ed.(Spl. Edu.-MR), CTET (Paper-I)
Ms. Suman YadavAsstt. Teacher – Spl. EducatorM.A. (Psychology), B.A., Dip. in Spl. Ed.-ASD,   Certificate in Early Childhood  Spl. Edu.-MR, B.Ed. (SE-DE),CTET-(Paper-I & II)
Ms. PoojaAsstt. Teacher-Spl. EducatorB.A.(P),  Diploma in Special Education, B.Ed in Special Education, CTET (Paper-I & II)
Ms. Nandini AnandAsstt. Teacher-Spl. EducatorB. Com, Special B-Ed, (Learning Disability)
Ms. Sunita SinghBeauty Culture InstructorSenior Secondary Dip. In Beauty Therapy
Ms Siddhi TiwariHelperBA, NPTT
Mr.  Tahajjat HussainVocational InstructorMiddle School


Mr.  Piyush TyagiOffice SupervisorB.Com (Hons.)
Ms. Alka SharmaAccounts ClerkB.Com., C.A. (Inter), B.Ed.
Ms. Achinta GoswamiLDC-cum-Steno.M.A.(Eng.), M.Lib.Sc., P.G. Public Relations
Mr.  Ravinder KumarLDCM.Com.,  PG Dip. In International Business Organisation, Tally
Mr. GulshanAccounts AssistantM.Com. Tally
Mr. Manoj Kumar SinghReceptionistM.Com., Diploma in Hardware and Networking
 Mr. Ramesh KOffice AssistantB.Com
Mr. Vikash SinghComputer Hardware & Network Engg.B.Tech.(IT),Computer Hardware & Network professional,MBA(IT),CCC
 Mr. Virender SinghLab. AttendantB.A., Certificate Prog. in Laboratory Techniques, Diploma in Computer, Certificate in First Aid,
 Mr. Sunil YadavLab. AttendantB.A.,Diploma in Computer
 Mr. Vishal SinghLab. AttendantB.A., Certificate in First Aid